Leave the technical details to our expert team

Kiwapower handles all aspects of the project, for a worry-free implementation that lets you focus your time and resources on your business.

Zero emissions. Zero investment.

Our customers pay a simple, competitive, and transparent charge for every kWh of the solar energy that we generate for their business.

Clean energy
for your business

Running on solar energy is a great opportunity for your business, however, the implementation can be challenging as it requires technical, safety, regulatory, and financing considerations which can be confusing and time-consuming if you do not have access to a specialized energy procurement team.

At Kiwapower, we are onsite solar energy experts, and we take care of every implementation detail so that you can focus on unleashing your business potential. Our solar energy as-a-service solution requires no-investment and allows you to direct your human and capital resources on your business.

In no time, your business could be running on solar energy generated directly from your rooftop or parking area.

No investment or
financing required

  • Kiwapower makes the investment and will build, entirely at our cost, an industrial strength solar PV system on your business available rooftop or parking area.

  • We operate, monitor, and maintain the solar system entirely at our cost and with the help of our experts.

  • At the end of the agreement, you own the fully operational solar system, unlocking free electricity for your business. We can still help with the maintenance and operation even after property is transferred.

World class
solar energy solution

  • Pay an easy monthly invoice based on the volume of electricity that we deliver for your business. Our rates are competitive. There are no hidden costs.

  • Have a positive impact on your community and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

  • Power your business with locally-produced, clean, and modern energy.

  • Solar power has no associated fuel cost, which results in competitive, predictable, and transparent electricity prices.

and reliability

  • Our in-house experts cover electrical design, procurement, construction management, quality control, health safety & environment, regulatory, monitoring, operations, and maintenance.


  • We provide excellent customer service and a dedicated Kiwapower representative that will be your point of contact and guide through every step.


  • We have deep expertise and fully funded. We are backed up by Marubeni Corporation of Japan, a Global 500 Fortune company. Marubeni has developed and built over 2000MW of solar PV plants worldwide; that’s enough to power 500,000 businesses like yours.

Our customers

We serve commercial and industrial customers in Mexico with average monthly CFE bills of at least 100,000 pesos per month.

steps to power your business with solar energy


Using a satellite view of your facilities and a copy of your CFE invoice, we will prepare a customized and totally free indicative proposal for your business.


We review your customized proposal together and answer any questions you might have.


When you confirm your interest and the necessary documentation is complete, we will manage the entire process, including paperwork with CFE.


A few weeks later, you'll be able flip the switch and watch your business run on modern, clean and renewable solar energy!

Additional benefits
of onsite solar

Kiwapower can help your company achieve and take advantage of the benefits of on-site solar generation, while your company contributes to the care of the environment by consuming electricity from a completely renewable clean energy source:

Are you looking for quality installation operated by experts? We take care of everything!

Operation and Maintenance

We offer competitive tariffs with no hidden costs. We are able to fix the tariff for our customers in pesos; in addition, the thermal insulation of our equipment prevents loss of accumulated heat in the solar collector, improving absorption efficiency. 

Kiwapower is responsible for conducting  all monitoring and scheduled or unscheduled maintenance activities (including procuring spare parts) throughout the term of the Solar Energy Supply Agreement, at its own cost.

We benefit from the support of the PIC Group Inc., a Marubeni Group company. PIC has a presence in several countries and specializes in the operation and maintenance of power plants, including solar photovoltaic plants.

Environmental Impact

By using the energy in the same place as it is generated, transmission and distribution losses are reduced, which contributes not only to decongestion of the supplier’s (CFE) networks, but also to more efficient energy usage, which has a positive impact on the environment.

By consuming solar energy and leaving fossil fuels out of the equation, you help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, as well as the size of your own carbon footprint.

In addition, solar energy is completely silent, which means the solar plant can be installed practically anywhere without a negative impact on the environment where it is located.

With Kiwapower, you will be consuming clean and renewable energy at a low cost.

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