The most reliable and convenient way for your business to go solar

How does Kiwapower work?

We design and install at our cost a world-class solar PV system on your available rooftop or parking area.

We supply all the solar energy to you at a fixed tariff in pesos per KWh during th term of the Solar Energy Supply Agreement

At the end of the agreement, you own the fully operational solar system, unlocking - 100% free electricity

A Kiwapower Solar Energy Supply Agreement is the most reliable and convenient way to power your business with solar.

About Kiwapower

Kiwapower is an independent power producer dedicated exclusively to generating power for industrial and commercial customers in Mexico.

We supply electricity by way of photovoltaic solar energy systems located on the roofs of our clients' facilities, powered by an energy supply contract with a predictable long-term electricity rate, generating significant savings from day one. With this arrangement, our clients do not need to make any investment in equipment.

Kiwapower benefits from the technical, financial, and commercial expertise of both of its shareholders: Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni), a Japanese company founded in 1858, that is ranked 147 in the Fortune Global 500, has 136 branches and offices in 68 countries, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; Becquerel Capital, a company exclusively focused on the development and structuring of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Mexico since 2013.

The influence of our partners drives each of the members of our team and it is the kaizen philosophy, which calls for continuous improvement, that makes us analyze and carry out each project meticulously in order to offer the best solution for our clients.


No initial investment or maintenance costs!

Each of our solar system is designed and built to high standards and in accordance with your specific site requirements. Our revenues are 100% dependent on the good performance of the solar system, so you can be confident that we will install a quality and durable system on your site.

No investment or maintenance costs

You only pay for the solar energy generated

Kiwapower manages all the process and paperwork

Option to buy-out at anytime



Steel, textile, bottling, food and frozen goods, transformation, pharmaceutical, distribution and logistics chains, manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive industry, etc.


Educational institutions (universities), department stores, supermarket chains, franchises, etc.



Onsite solar generation provides several economic and environmental benefits.

Competitive tariffs

No risk of disruption to your power supply.

CFE remains your electricity supplier together with Kiwapower

Fix your electricity tariff in pesos

Expert installation and operations

Kiwapower takes care of everything

Clean energy source

Thermal insulation

Short start-up period

Net Metering

Take advantage of the Net Metering benefit made available under the Distributed Generation regulation. With Net Metering, all excess solar energy is transferred to the grid in exchange for a credit on your following CFE bills. No solar energy is wasted.

Operation and Maintenance

Kiwapower is responsible to conduct at its own cost all monitoring and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities (including procuring spare parts) throughout the term of the Solar Energy Supply Agreement.

We benefit from the support of the PIC Group Inc., a Marubeni Group company. PIC has a presence in several countries and specializes in the operation and maintenance of power plants, including solar photovoltaic plants.

Environmental Impact

The energy produced by Kiwapower's solar photovoltaic systems comes from renewable sources. By using the energy in the same place as it is generated, transmission and distribution losses are reduced, which contributes not only to decongestion of the supplier's networks (CFE), but also to more efficient usage, which has a positive impact on the environment. By consuming solar energy, you help reduce the use of greenhouse gases and the size of your own carbon footprint, since fossil fuels are out of the equation.

In addition, solar energy is completely silent, which means it can be installed practically anywhere without a negative impact on the environment where the solar plant is located.

With Kiwapower, you will be consuming clean energy at a low cost.

*The numbers shown here correspond to a typical 500kW photovoltaic system.

Contributes to saving at least 977 m3 of water per year

CO2 equivalent to that absorbed by 9,000 trees per year is eliminated

Generation of 542 Tons of CO2 per year is reduced

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