More and more companies are consuming “onsite” solar energy

  • Aceros Dondisch, a leader in the servicing and distribution of steel products in Mexico, is now procuring 85% of the electricity for its Tultitlán facility from a photovoltaic solar system installed on its roof area, which was previously unused.
  • Aceros Dondisch entrusted Kiwapower with the execution of this no-investment, worry-free solution. Kiwapower designed, installed and interconnected a 420 kW industrial-strength solar system at the Aceros Dondisch facility in Tultitlán, State of Mexico. Kiwapower owns the solar system and sells all production to Aceros Dondisch under a Solar Energy Supply Agreement.
  • Kiwapower’s team has ample experience in the design, installation and operation of renewable energy systems. Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese company ranked among the top 200 in the Fortune Global 500, is the primary partner of this Mexican energy supply company and has been active in Mexico since 1954.


Aceros Dondisch is pleased to announce that Kiwapower recently interconnected a state-of-the-art industrial-strength solar system, located at its Tultitlán facility. The solar system will supply approximately 85% of the facility’s annual electrical needs. Kiwapower owns and operates the solar system and supplies all the production to Aceros Dondisch at a fixed rate in pesos, providing Aceros Dondisch long-term visibility into its future electric power costs. The installation caused no interruptions to Aceros Dondisch's operations and was completed in a short period of time.

Aceros Dondisch relied on Kiwapower to equip its business with solar energy. Kiwapower delivered a no-investment and worry-free solution to Aceros Dondisch. The parties entered into a Solar Energy Supply Agreement. According to the agreement, Kiwapower is responsible for the entire process from the design, evaluation and selection of the installer, investment, interconnection with CFE, as well as the operation of the system. Kiwapower owns and operates the solar system and supplies the solar energy to Aceros Dondisch. Kiwapower only charges for the kWh generated by the system month to month, and is responsible for all monitoring, maintenance, and operations at its own cost.

Luis Padilla Sojo, CEO of Aceros Dondisch said: "of the many options we considered, we found that Kiwapower was the most serious and committed; there is a large multinational supporting the company, combined with a local team with a lot of experience." Adán Cortés, the Administration and Finance Manager, also stated that "the best thing was that Kiwapower took care of the entire process and made everything very easy for us."

Onsite solar generation makes sense. This means that renewable energy is generated in the same location where it is consumed, which helps reduce congestion of CFE's transmission and distribution networks. Solar energy contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint, since it avoids the use of fossil fuels.


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